Starplugs-MoonClass Synthesizer

Starplugs-MoonClass Synthesizer 1.01

Moon Class Synthesizer is a classic analogue poly synthesizer
1.01 (See all)

Create colossal sounds with pd’s unbelievable fat and living sounding CLUSTER OSCILLATOR. The CO splits partials of the displayed ground wave and gives this partial to different time slots. As a result you’ll hear the sound of tons of slightly detuned oscillators controlled by the detune knob. Turning a single knob can create hard electronic- Sync- and wide pad-sounds.

In close cooperation with well-known producers we designed the Quantum Filter, one of today’s most musical synthesizer multimode filter with a 12-24dB/oct shape. Comparable to analogue Filters its shape and pulse response depends on the input signal, the cutoff frequency and the resonance level. These three values interact and create a warm and rich sound.

8 Voice polyphone classic voice architecture mono mode
1 p.v. Cluster Oscillator 5 modes / waveforms
2 p.v. Sub Oscillators 3 modes
1 p.v. Noise Generator with level controller
1 p.v. Quantum Filter multimode (LP / AP/ HP) Filter 12-24 dB/oct self oscillation possible 1 p.v. Stereo Amplifier with phase controller
1 global Stereo Phaser four stage Phaser cross mode fade mode
1 global Stereo Delay midi syncable crossmode freeze function
2 p.v. Envelope Generators with shape controller
4 global Low frequency Oscillators midisyncable 8 waveforms
2 p.v LFO Rampgenerators keytrigger
- The outstanding four stage stereo Phaser module lets you create very wide and warm sounds. The four stages of the Phaser/Flanger have their own low frequency oscillators and you are able to fade infinitely variable from one to four Phaser stages for “velvet” to “brutal” sound creations.
-The MoonClass comes with 64 Presets.

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